The Talegarsh

The Talegarsh is a wide chasm in the country of Bhartuk, directly south of Arroes – the country where Ezren and his family are from. Bhartuk itself is dark, damp, and ominous (similar to the world around the Sleepy Hollow story) and The Talegarsh embodies all that is Bhartuk

No one knows where it came from, but it’s a massive canyon in the landscape that’s easily 10km long, 3km wide (at it’s widest point) and while most say it’s bottomless, scholars from Bhartuk who studied it before they were cut off said it was just over 1km deep.

Adventurers have journeyed down its steep walls in search of fortune and glory it but few return with their sanity in check. Because of this danger, the government has made going in there strictly off limits to everyone in Bhartuk and will offer no help to anyone who encounters trouble. Elders of the country say it’s better to leave the deep dark alone, as “poking at it will only wake up whatever’s down there”.

Scholars hypothesize that it could be a source of great knowledge, power, and treasures from the ancient time of the war between Arkosh and Chelyx. It is truly an ancient landmark.

The Talegarsh

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