The explorer's adventure log

Basement Room
The basement in the Flint Miner’s guild hall had a massive hole in one part of it. At the far end of the room was a dining room table with four chairs around it. On the table was a candle. One of the chairs is occupied by a human man who wears a simple, dignified explorer’s outfit. He is a ghost of a learned man who talks with an accent from far away. As the team approaches, he spoke:

Day 3: With the lights of Jarek slowly dwindling behind us, the great all of the unknown awaits. The hunters are all excited about our foray into the unmapped jungle but I focus mostly on our guides. They have been in the jungles before and are the most experienced of our team. Onward!

Day 14: When we awoke this morning, Jons and Butch were no longer with us. Their tent was still standing and their gear stowed, but the men were gone. The others are keeping quiet about it but a few of the more superstitious of the others are chattering amongst each other about it.

Day 25: We press on deeper into the jungle, tracking the beasts who have now claimed four more of our team. Claire, Dutch, Hind, and Misha have all disappeared into the jungle even in the deepest night. We have four on watch constantly these days but the team is getting weary as we continue. I’ve heard that some are thinking of going back but I fear that without our guides, they won’t find their way back in one piece.

Day 27: Arm gashed open after altercation with massive snake. I stupidly stepped on it without watching where I was going. Luckily Kapora, one of our guides, was able to treat it before the poison spread to my heart. Tough going from here I think.

Day 28: One of the other guides returned to us to tell us he’s found something: a structure in the thickest part of the jungle. This news has washed over the hunters like a good hearty dinner and fresh bath. With supplies running low, it’s good that we’re so close.

Day 29: This is incredible. The team is elated. We have found an ancient structure marked on no map and have begun to secure the space. I hope our elation does not lower our guards this evening.

Day 34: I am barely able to stand. The beast attacked us in broad daylight from above and killed six hunters in one move. By the time we knew what was happening the only one who was doing anything to help was my trusted Kapora. The beast was as tall as a Jarek light house and half as wide as that again. I managed to scramble into the temple to take shelter and hide from the beast but I fear it has my scent. All I can hear outside is screaming and Kapora shouting instructions. Should I live through this I will personally recommend Kapora be made a Guardian of Clearwater should the opportunity arise.

The explorer's adventure log

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