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Custom/House Rules
Check out all of our house rules as they come up: House Rules

How To Play
This page (which will be updated as we go along) covers the basics you need to know to play Pathfinder: Super Simple Rules

Continents of Arkosia


Games of Chance in Arroes
Find yourself in a gambling hall in Arroes? Here are a few of the games you could be playing.

Edgar the Explorer’s Tea Log
Pour yourself some tea, relax, and read Edgar’s tales of adventure, daring, and someone named Kapora.

The Falcon
Critical descriptions and a complete cargo manifest of the contents of The Falcon.

The Government of Arroes in Kvothe
A complete description of all members of the Arroes government officials.

Navki’s poem in Freehold
The poem Navki wrote up on the spot to tell the mayor of the town of their adventures.

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