Giant's Grotto storage complex


The overhead scene of the pitched battle between The Argent Defenders and a surly crew of security guards, as well as the location of a CR5 air elemental that surprised the players as a trap in a chest marked “The Branch” in the building.

A: the main entrance
B: the location of the crates in question and the air elemental
C: the location of the enemy bard, who was buffing her teammates during the fight

The blue box around the edges of the play area denotes the location’s main surrounding wall.

The Magic card (Tibalt, ftw) denotes the location of a secret tunnel entrance the players could have sneaked through to enter the space undetected to at least to get a surprise attack round off. So as to not railroad the PCs, there were 3 ways into the complex:

  1. Sneak through the side tunnel
  2. Fight your way in the front door
  3. Diplomacy your way in the front door

All square/tiles were a stack of crates in the space and each was 5’ high. Anything marked with a 2 is two tiles on top of one another and therefore 10’ high. They’re just markers for me to know where to put the higher platforms as I was setting up the battle. In the photo, I actually missed a 2, which was the bottom stack at the far right, middle.

All of the monsters here were CR 1/2 (they were brigands) except for the bard (CR1, Storyteller template) and the CR5 air elemental.

Giant's Grotto storage complex

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