Ayfa, the Land of Shifting Gold


Ayfa, a country of desert dwellers, akin to ancient Turkey or Iraq. It is a fairly well-off nation of hardy folk who appear to have bent the desert to their will and are thriving there.

It has a number of major cities and many smaller villages and further temporary camps that move to follow livestock and trade.

Occasionally, massive sandstorms unearth ancient shrines and temples long lost, dedicated to old gods and kings that history has forgotten. Balad University in Arkus has an entire school dedicated to the preservation and recording of the history that is uncovered by the shifting sand.

Common dress is turbans, wraps, capes, and other breathable fabrics designed to protect from the desert heat.

The most popular languages spoken are common and Ayfan, a language native to the country.

Ayfa’s capital city, Arkus, is a hub of government and trade for the nation and is home to its large university, Balad. The city is built on a huge aquifer that keeps the city alive.

The Argent Defenders arrived in Hux at the northern tip of Ayfa on the trail of a pirate smuggled named Joga Rake, who Aroes spies (like Hale Bashiir) indicated was transporting copper ore and possible kidnapped people from Aroes to Ayfa and beyond.

Ayfa, the Land of Shifting Gold

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