Arroes - The Sigil State


The ruler of Arroes is Her Royal Highness, the Queen of Arroes, Saviour of the Tea, Keeper of the Everlasting Flame and Grand Marshall of the Unconquerable Forces of Kvothe, Lady Myg of Boxington.

The capital city of Arroes is Kvothe while the financial centre of the country is the city of Flint (once known as Copper).

It is the stereotypical fantasy kingdom with rolling hills, forests full of game, and plenty of farmland. It is bordered to the north by Pyre, and to the south by Freemarch. Across the Weeping Straight and Mithmire Sea is the island nation of Bhartuk.

Its citizens living closer to Kvothe do so in relative peace despite the war raging with Pyre to the North. Most citizens have moved away from the border as it is redrawn nearly every day.

Other key locations of Arroes include:

  • Sandpoint, home to the Guardian Talia and where the entire adventure began
  • Whitechapel, where a small renovation project turned into a massive discovery beneath the town
  • Flint, where the PCs encountered necromancy, secrets, and Deepwater Day, a festival commemorating those who died in Deepwater event.

If Arroes were Magic the Gathering colours, it would be represented by green and white.

Arroes - The Sigil State

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