The Falcon, a ship borrowed from Neum Skim in Kvothe

A quick reference map of The Falcon and her decks and parts.


A – Main Deck

1) Main Anchor
The Falcon derives its name from the prow of the ship; the iron cowling that houses its massive anchor gives the boat the appearance of a bird of prey. In the centre of the foredeck is a windlass that can be used to raise and lower anchor with the help of leverage rods. There are 8 such rods in the cargo hold.

2) Cargo Access
A ship intended for cargo hauling and patrols, The Falcon is equipped with removable shutters that allow cargo to be lowered into the hold below via harbour docks. On the main sail is a smaller pulley system that can raise and lower smaller cargo directly into the hold.

3) Cargo Deck access trapdoor
This trap door opens and allows crew members access to the decks below.

4) The Talon
From where the captains can control The Falcon and steer it into open water.

5) The Crow’s Nest
As is the case with many other ships, The Falcon has a crow’s nest at the top of the main mast.

B – Quarterdeck

1) This room has a large table and is Concobar spent most of his time. Half-full goblets of wine lay strewn across the surface of the table that features a large map of Arkosh that’s marked differently from the one the PCs have in their possession. Conchobar’s map looks like it was more recently made and bears an “S&V” logo in the bottom corner. Along one wall is a small table with nothing on it and along the other wall is a series of cabinets containing:

  • 4x dry inkwells
  • 8x pens and nibs
  • 2 large rolls of paper
  • 1 compass
  • 2x Potion of Remove Sickness (+4 morale bonus on saving throws against disease, nausea, and sickened effects)

C – Cargo Hold

1) The main cargo hold is packed with lots of interesting gear that has no apparent manifest. It was either to be delivered or has just languished in the hold. It contains:

  • 3x barrels of Boxcutter rum
  • 10x sacks of barley husks
  • 1x 1/2 barrel of high-quality coconut oil
  • 1x massive 8’x8’x8’ box wrapped in chains that reads, “Do not disturb highly sensitive, explosive contents. Property of Master Tinwing, Tasriel Prime”. There is a lock big enough to put your hands into.
  • On one of the boxes rests a pure white cat with a collar and tag that reads “Honeymew”
  • 2x coils of ship-ready ropes (4” thick, 100/20 long)
  • 4x crates of bolts of cotton and hemp fabric (100/20 long)
  • 6x cans of green paint
  • 1x can of yellow paint
  • 1x box of brand new backpacks (10x) marked with the same S&V logo found on the map in the Captain’s Steerage (Section N)
  • 8x iron anchor leverage rods

2) The Falcon’s Nest
This room is intended to be a general purpose crew quarters. There is a large table with the face of a falcon carved into it, surrounded by eight stools bolted to the floor. At the front of the room is a storage unit containing sailors’ working outfits. Lining the room are support posts used by sailors to tie up hammocks against the wall (what you can presume was Turtle’s hammock is already in place, along with a crate containing a bucket of coconut oil).

3) Captain’s Quarters
This is the captain’s room. It was most recently used by Conchobar, judging by the smaller clothing in the room and shoddily arranged personal affects. It’s very well decorated and features fancy furniture carved from exotic wood. There are storage units nearby that contain simple crew’s working outfits. One of the storage lockers at the front of the room is locked (DC14 to pick it open) and contains:

  • Falcon Captain’s Hat (this oversized hat confers a +1 bonus to the wearer’s BAB while on standing on, or clinging to floating things)
  • 150gp
  • 200sp
  • 75cp
  • 30x pearls on a single strand of necklace (each worth 50gp)
  • 1x velvet pouch containing a single, very old magic coin. One side of the coin depicts an open eye surrounded by strange markings and other side is exactly the same but the eye is closed.
  • Hanging on the wall in the room is a shortsword that looks exactly like the one Conchobar was using in battle earlier. It is a Tidewater Cutlass (small sized).

4) The Galley
This room contains two important places: a multi-purpose Ditch oven where simple meals can be made and access to the Bilge via a narrow staircase. The galley also contains all of The Falcon’s food supplies in crates, barrels, and boxes.

  • in the pantry there remains enough food and rations here to a crew of eight sailors for about 2 weeks

D – Bilge

1) The Elm Pump
The Falcon’s bilge uses an elm pump system to remove excess water from the hold if need be. As expected, it smells pretty badly down here as all of the ship’s fluids end up trickling down here. A hose from the bilgewater goes up, outside the galley and dumps into the sea.

2) The Bilgewater
Rank and rancid, the bilge water should be avoided at all costs. It will most certainly stain any cloth that enters it. The bilge water also contains large rocks that are used to counterbalance the ship as it sails along. Small parts of the rocks poke out of the water and can be leapt across (DC13) if desired.

3) Forgotten Locker
This space is an extra storage locker that contains:

  • General purpose tools (a hammer, an auger, and 3 chisels)
  • 2x hoses (25/5)
  • 3x ship-ready rope (100/20, 4” thick)
  • 1x sail-patching kits
  • 3x lanterns
  • 1x flint and steel

4) The Whisper
This room is at the far end of The Bilge, protected from prying eyes by the occasional whisper emanating from behind a covered hatch. Sailors in the past have covered the door out of superstition. Inside is a parrot named Shill. It’s in perfectly good health and refuses to leave the ship except under dire circumstances.

The Falcon, a ship borrowed from Neum Skim in Kvothe

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