Government and Sigils in Arroes

The Head of State

The Queen
Her Royal Highness, the Queen of Arroes, Saviour of the Tea, Keeper of the Everlasting Flame and Grand Marshall of the Unconquerable Forces of Kvothe, Lady Myg of Boxington

Main Speakers

Arc of Truth
A man of medium-build who wears flowing silver and royal blue robes. He speaks very clearly, professionally, and keeps people on topic. He represents Her Majesty in the affairs of the court.

Caste Representatives

The Whisperers

Triumphant Discovery
A squat dwarf who speaks quickly and to the point. There is no hyperbole with him. When he’s not talking, motes of energy flit about his head and he seems to pay attention to each as though they’re talking to him.

The Protectors

Hammer Vanguard
The general of the Arroes army, he is a very loud talker. He calls things as he sees them and has no time for politics as his attention is turned to the north, to war.


Endless Catalog
Tall and skinny, she has frizzy hair and has a hard time carrying on a conversation with anyone. She has a razor sharp understanding of trade and currency however and can do math and logic puzzles quickly. She takes secret delight when she can answer questions faster than Triumphant Discovery in court.


Voice of Reason
This skinny halfling’s court dress looks like a patchwork quilt made up of flags, fabrics, and patterns from all over Arroes. Her golden hair is pinned in place with two long arrow-shaped needles.

Sub-Caste Representatives

Clergy (made up of Guardians and Whisperers)

Gossamer Creation
He is built like a tank and has as much personality as one too. He speaks as though he is talking to a book of scriptures and ends every sentence as a question as though he’s always looking for an answer.

Militia (made up of Guardians and People)

Tireless Anthem
This soft-spoken woman is covered with scars and lash marks. Despite this, she holds her head up very high and tirelessly works to marshal locals with drills and practices, especially because of the war to the north. She is often not seen in court as she deal with the war and doing her best to protect and enable those communities to protect themselves.

Dilettantes (made up of Whisperers and Merchants)

Beautiful Tradewind
An androgynous person with hair that seems to change colours between green, blue, and purple. S/he speaks with a very soothing tone and appears to always have their affairs in order.

Workers (made up of People and Merchants)

High Harvest
This group, led by two half-orc brothers, represents the workers of Arroes. They are easily excited and finish each other’s sentences and speak very loudly, often sounding like they’re shouting over one another. And they often are: as one gets excited, it feeds the other. There is a bit of strangeness about these guys in court – because Arroes is at war with Pyre, some feel uneasy around the half-orcs, making others react to them more quickly and ask them to tone it down, etc.

The Arroes’ government is assembled like this:


  • There is one central hub (in red) for all affairs and that is the Arc of Truth, standing in for The Queen.
  • Next to him are the four main castes that make up society (in blue). These exist to inform and update the central body on the affairs of the kingdom.
  • The sub-castes are created by the main castes’ overlaps. These exist to keep the main caste representatives in check.

Government and Sigils in Arroes

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