The Defender (trident)

A steel trident that shines through darkness.

weapon (melee)

This 7’ long trident (known as The Defender) was discovered in a side room in the ruined church beneath Whitechapel. It resists any stains or dirt. Anything smeared on it drips off quickly or is easily wiped clean. Because of this, poisons or other effects cannot be applied to The Defender.

Its stats are as follows:

Bonus: 1 to hit
Damage: 1d8
1 (plus STR bonus)
Critical: x2 damage
Reach: 10/2
Special Abilities: Brace and Defender
Type: Piercing

Brace: as a readied action its wielder may set it in the ground against a charging foe. If the trident successfully hits the target, it deals double damage to the target.

Defender: as a free action, its wielder may apply The Defender’s +1 bonus to their AC until their next turn. The bonus to AC stacks with other bonuses applied to AC.



The Defender (trident)

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