The Hollow Earth

Chapter 1, Part 1 - On the Road

The team assembled at the Burning Calf Inn, and were hired by Captain Hogar to guard a caravan as it made its way to Whitechapel, a nearby town.

Along the way, the group stopped to make camp numerous times. During one of those times the group found three football-shaped white geode rocks in the back of a wagon belonging to Tomek, a purveyor of curios and haberdashery. Tomek said the rocks were going to a buyer beyond Whitechapel and that while the rocks are starting to show up here and there, they are still rare enough that he can get a good price for them.

Navki rode comfortably in the carriage of Lord Brynn Anchester of Clearwater’s 17th Ward wagon while others rode with other people or walked the trip.

During the five-day trip, the caravan was ambushed by goblins and bugbears near an old logging camp. Captain Hogar’s throat was pierced by an arrow and he perished.

When the group arrived in Whitechapel, they met Content Not Found: brin-the-whitechapel-scribe who seemed preoccupied with the renovations happening at the small church in the middle of town.

Other party members helped to park the caravan wagons and discovered wooden crates held together with copper nails, marked with a strange tree symbol.

Suddenly, the renovators came to Brin to report that they’d broken through a wall in the basement and revealed something much larger beyond. They they said that Moroki, a mysterious traveller who showed up a few days ago to help with the efforts, vanished into the gap along with 1 other worker. They are too afraid to follow.

The players offered to go in there and find out what’s happened to Moroki, and explore this mysterious place below the chapel…


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