The Hollow Earth

Welcome adventurers, to The Hollow Earth story site!

This handy tool will keep all of our notes, maps, loot, and more about The Hollow Earth campaign you’ll be participating in. You’ll be able to refer to it to brush up on your knowledge of places and people that you meet, as well as add your own notes about them – and your own characters – as we go along.

Before we begin playing, your first stop should probably be the Wiki where I’ve posted information on the Super-Simple Rules and our own House Rules. Once all of the players have assumed character roles, I’ll be releasing pieces of the story (a paragraph per session) before we play to add flavour to the game.

As the game progresses, we’ll add a quick session recap to the Aventure Log so that crucial bits of info don’t get forgotten. Players are encouraged to read the last session’s notes before each new game (especially if they missed a session) to stay up to date on the adventure.

Lastly, once we get all of the characters created, we’ll use the fancy Characters tab to store vital information on each player at the table. I’ll also use it to post information about the NPCs you meet in sort of a virtual rolodex.

Feel free to click through each section and explore around here before we get started.

The Hollow Earth

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