Super Simple Rules

As rules questions come up I’ll update this page.

General Rules

  1. Everything you currently have and/or can do is listed somewhere on your character sheet. As you level up, you’ll gain more abilities and powers.
  2. Any time you want to do something (hit a goblin with a warhammer, check a magical item, or search for a trap), you roll a 20 sided die (aka “1d20”) and add any bonuses listed on your character sheet to the outcome. You tell the GM what you rolled and he’ll compare it against a target number. Roll higher than the number and you succeed.
  3. Any time an enemy casts a spell on you or attacks you, an attribute like your AC total (armour class) or Will will be the difficulty number and the attacker needs to roll greater than that number
  4. Of all of the available dice, the d20 is the most important. Most other dice will be rolled for damage during combat.
  5. If you roll a natural 20 (aka a “crit”), your attack or attempt at an action instantly hits or succeeds no matter what the difficulty number. In combat, you immediately roll the dice again. If you match or beat the target’s AC (or other target number), you deal double damage to the target (a weapon’s multiplier will be listed on your character sheet).

Other things to remember

  1. Each 1" square counts as 5’ of space
  2. Squares marked as “difficult terrain” require characters to spend 2 of their movement to pass through them

Super Simple Rules

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