House Rules

Critical Fails

If a player attempts something and rolls a 1 on a d20, the effect immediately fails and an effect (up to the GM) will occur. For example, an arrow intended for an enemy might hit your buddy who is flanking them, or your crossbow might jam for a turn.

Player Toolkit

Players must bring their character sheet to every game. Also, players are not required to bring their own dice, but they may wish to get their own eventually so that all have easy access to their own pool of dice. Also, some players get superstitious about their dice and prefer that others do not roll them.

Ready for Action

Any player who can immediately describe their character’s action when a new combat round begins will get a +1 to any rolls related to that action (including damage).

Table Tech

Laptops are not permitted at the table while playing. Not only do they block the view of the table for other players, but they also can result in cocked die or interfere with communication. Phones and tablets are permitted for reference and die-rolling apps only, however you may be required (DM’s discretion) to make any pivotal rolls with real dice in plain view of those assembled.

Inside Game

Players must attend the game session in order to gain XP or a share of the session’s loot.

Free Minds

While players may suggest courses of actions for other characters, it is ultimately up to those characters to determine their own actions. No player should feel pressure to perform a specific task as directed by another player.

The Play’s the Thing

At the end of a session, any players who do an exceptional job of role-playing their character (either through acting or action) will receive an XP bonus for doing so.

Character Creation

Only races, classes, and abilities from the Core Rulebook are permitted.

Keep a Record

If you pick something up or spend cash (or whatever) make sure you write it down on your character sheet. If you get a flaming sword as a reward and forget to write it down, I’m going to assume that you didn’t pick it up. Or that you’ll have to return to the spot where you “left it” to get it back.

House Rules

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