Wand of Cure Light Wounds

A yellowed wooden branch carved with wings and swirls


This wand, cut from the branch of a three year old maple sapling, has been carved with wings and swirls and imbued with magical properties.

It is able to cast the Cure Light Wounds spell. When the players find it, the wand carries 6 charges. Each charge can heal 1d8 hit points. It does not grant temporary hit points to a target.

To recharge the wand, it needs to be “planted” in fresh earth for one hour for each charge to be recovered.

It can also be used offensively. If it strikes an undead target it can deal 1d8 hit points of damage to the target. Each attack consumes a charge.

It was also discovered that this is more than simple a wand. According to frescos and other pieces of art found in the Ayfan desert, this wand is also a key that activates something.


Wand of Cure Light Wounds

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