Camp in a Can

A popular product sold by Salt & Vinegar, this tool is a rapidly-deploying campsite.


Cost: 500 gold (base model), 1000 (advanced model*)
Duration: 12 hours
Size: each is approximately the size of a coffee can

Salt and Vinegar sells a popular line of adventuring supplies that range from cheap, mundane bags and simple provision kits to magical climbing gear, packs magically able to preserve whatever food is placed inside them, and their most-bought item called, “Camp in a Can”.

Camp in a Can has a pull tab that bursts into a large canvas tent that is magically larger on the inside than it looks on the outside. It appears fully assembled and outfitted with 8 bedrolls, a table ringed with stools that seat 8, and a fire burning warmly in the middle.

  • The side of the can reads, “Pull Tab and Stand Clear”
  • Camp in a Can requires a 20×20′ space to be set up
  • Once used, the camp cannot be returned to the can as the can itself is in many pieces

Camp in a Can details

Once the tab is torn off and 40 seconds goes by, the can will burst into a large canvas tent. Many adventurers have been hurt by “double-checking that it works” during the 40 second delay of the can activating. Anyone within range (10 feet) when it goes off rolls DC12 to avoid being hit by parts of the tent when it erupts. Failure deals 1d8+1 damage and knocks anyone who fails prone.

Advanced Model: this model is identical to the standard kit except for one key feature: as long as the flap on the tent is closed and there are no other punctures in its surface, the Advanced Camp in a Can is invisible to anyone outside of it. This includes the light and warmth caused by the fire.


Camp in a Can

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