The Branch

A mysterious organization


In Sandpoint, Navki discovered a mysterious ship in harbour that was eventually revealed to be one that belongs to The Branch. The boat was a fairly large cargo ship, was not moored with anchors or ropes, and seemed to have no crew on board. On the dock next to it was a crate of dark wood held together with copper grommets. Navki pried it open using her crowbar and discovered that it was full of copper ore.

The Branch signed a work order with a group of Kobolds for a large shipment of copper ore dug out of a copper mine. The work order was discovered by Navki and Muhng after they rescued Port and cleared the Kobolds from the mine.

The Branch’s logo is a simply-designed white tree against a black background. A tell tale sign that The Branch is involved (based on observations of cargo containers and ships so far) are that they use dark wood for their structures and hold things together with spikes, bolts, or other pieces of copper.


The Branch

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