S&V Adventuring Co.


The S&V Adventuring Company is a Lewis and Clark-style adventuring outfit who are known far and wide for their trailblazing, adventuring, and bravery. Unlike other adventuring companies, S&V do not seek fortune within caves and dungeons, but have come to realize the value even before stepping foot in treacherous places. S&V is a company that specializes in helping others seek their fortune by selling treasure maps to locations all over the world from kiosks that can be found in all of the realm’s centres. Some kiosks are larger and fancier than others, but they all sell 1 or 2 maps from the kiosk’s current location to a nearby crypt, keep, or other tourist/adventurer destination.

The maps are also measured with hearts and stars. A map with more hearts means that the rumoured difficulty inside is greater than the average hole in the ground. The number of stars refers to the quality of the treasure rumoured to be found therein. S&V can’t guarantee the truth of these rumours of course as they don’t actually go inside the places they highlight. Often, if the place is unnamed S&V will name them with fantastic-sounding names to make them seem even more enticing.

S&V also sell a line of adventuring supplies that range from cheap, mundane bags to simple provision kits with climbing gear. They also sell more special (expensive) items like magical packs able to preserve whatever food is placed inside them for twice their normal shelf-life and a well-known item called Camp in a Can.


S&V stands for “Jacob Salt and Bernie Vinegar”, the company’s founders. Both were semi-famous adventurers in their own right who quickly came to see the business of adventuring. They quickly put their own mark on it by creating the S&V Adventuring Company and creating maps for dungeons and dwellings they’d explored at the height of their adventuring days. Soon they became well known far and wide across the land for their infamous maps to rigors and riches.

Due to their age, Jacob and Bernie no longer do any adventuring themselves, but have a team of rugged explorers who comb the world looking for new locations they haven’t yet sold maps to. That said, there is a rumour that both feel as though they have “one last grand journey” ahead of them and that they’re gear up for an epic trip around the world.

S&V Adventuring Co.

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