Guardian Talia

Guardian Talia protects the Cave of Trials, the first adventure most heroes tackle.


(Known as Guardian, or Guardian Talia)

Each geographic region has a Guardian, who presides over a Cave of Trials that adventurers tackle often on their way into the world. Historically, the Guardians rise to protect their regions from the great evils in times of great strife. Things have been quiet for a long time, but Guardian Talia has sensed that something is wrong and is growing stronger.

Guardian Talia is one of them. Talia is an Elf Ranger with incredible prowess using the bow. She wears dark armour with signets resembling a bird with a hood that flows down her back, red like blood. Her eyes glow in the darkness, flaring more brightly when she’s upset or engaged in strenuous activity, like combat or spellcasting.

She also has green hair and faint face tattoos that are inked in white. These are 3 circles, 2 of which are linked over the bridge of her nose and the other runs down her neck.

As with all Guardians, she is able to bestow upon the heroes 1 Guardian Boon each, an item that allows them to re-roll any one die result before crumbling into dust.


Guardian Talia

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