Captain Hogar

Organizer of the travelling caravan where the PCs met


“Captain” Hogar’s real name is Ben Hogar and he “comes from so many towns he can’t recall which one is his home”.

After a few uneventful days on the road, after listening to his grand stories, the party comes to realize that Hogar has little to no combat training and is more of a glorified tour guide than protector. When asked about it one night around the campfire, he readily admits to this and explains that each time he makes a trip, he’s always able to find ready and willing adventurers to help him out.

The party has been hired by Captain Hogar to help protect the 13 travellers as they make their way along the route to Whitechapel. Each party member will be paid 300 gold for their troubles as well as be provided food and camp for the duration of the trip.


Hogar is a traveller first and foremost, having caught the bug in his youth while trying his hand at adventuring.

He is a simple man, providing a simple service for simple folks. While his dress might indicate a militaristic background, it’s mostly for show. He is quite far removed from that life and has never personally engaged in any ongoing combat aside for some “giant man-eating bugs as big as a horse” back in his youth. He has basic melee combat training but nothing more than that.

Captain Hogar

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