The Hollow Earth

The Hollows

An adventure record for The Hollow Earth


The story begins on Kingsroad with the party having been hired to protect a caravan of travellers on their way to an old town named Whitechapel. There is a true mix of travellers coming along: some are merchants, some are families looking for a new life, and some are clerics whose journey will take them beyond Whitechapel to an old abbey high in the mountains of Stormcrest.

The party has been hired by Captain Hogar, leader of the caravan, to help protect the travellers as they make their way along the route. Each party member will be paid 300 gold for their troubles as well as be provided food and camp for the duration of the trip.

The party is now about 2 days into the trip (which will take 4 days total at a very leisurely pace).

NOTE: players should prepare at least a 1-sentence reason why they’ve accepted this task to share with others when the game begins.


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