The Hollow Earth

Chapter 1, Part 6 - Bureaucracy and Boats

Back to Kvothe, on to the world!

After their battle in the cathedral, the team met a group of sages in blue robes covered with chevrons who asked them to come back with them to Kvothe to meet with Arroes’ government. They wanted to know more about what they’d encountered on their adventures.

There they were put up in a nice room and met Bran, the scribe they’d first met in Whitechapel. He told them he would be their sponsor in court that day, as he’d met and trusted them. On their way to court he told them about how court operated and introduced each member of the council.

The council listened to their stories of adventure and asked them for help. In exchange for the deed to a property in Flint, they explained that strange beasts have been terrorizing the populace and that shipments of copper had been leaving ports in Arroes, being smuggled out by someone named Joga Rake and heading south to the continent of Uluru. At the same time that all these beasts were showing up, Lord Ancaster of Clearwater’s 17th Ward had been prowling Arroes, inviting all who would listen to Clearwater to a great beast hunt. The team was given the name of a contact in the city of Hux in Ayfa, a country in Uluru. The name’s name is Hale Bashiir, a merchant specializing in information.

The government gave the team (now named The Argent Defenders) the option of going south to Uluru or north to Clearwater. They chose to go south.

They needed a boat and on a tip from Brin the scribe, headed down to the docs to meet Neum, a noble who had lost his way. Neum had a ship they might be able to get if they could find him.

They did. After playing a few games of chance with him, it was discovered that he’d been cheating and a bar brawl broke out. After helping him, he told them his ship was down at the water and they were welcome to it if they could beat Conchobar and his pet Turtle who were currently guarding it.

The battle on the ship was tough as it turned out Turtle was an ogre and not an animal. Before they could slay him, Conchobar dove into the water followed by Turtle and the ship, The Falcon, was theirs.

The team set off south, looking for Uluru.


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